It was the early am, I was sitting at home organizing the computer for 2019. I start a whole new catalog dedicated to the new year and everything from 2018 is backed up and archived. I peeked outside and was a little taken back by the light snow that was coming down. I knew we were due for possible snow but that was just for the mountains. I ignored it and went back to organizing the computer. A few hours past and I once again peeked outside and WOW! It looked like 6in of snow fell since the last time I looked. The wind was blowing and it was a straight snow storm. I stopped everything I was doing, packed the camera bag and headed out. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA). I've been waiting for a snowstorm like this to come through so I can photograph the bison as they weather the frigid conditions.

As I arrived at RMA, it seemed like other people had the same idea. Just before the gate I was able to capture some stock footage of white-tailed deer as they foraged during the storm. Though I didn't stay long because ultimately I was here for the bison. Now visiting and having a close view of the RMA Bison is a crap shoot. You have one road through the entire bison area which is a couple thousand acres of land for them to roam. But today was my lucky day. There was four male bison pretty close to the road which was perfect for viewing and photographing. As I focused on these guys. I almost missed one of the most perfect compositions that I could never have dreamed of. In the distance, there is a single row of tall trees covered in snow and ice. Then right behind them was a line of bison moving in single file line. This left me with a perfect composition.

Kyle MedinaComment