Its that time of year again. The elk rut. I made my first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) with great success. I was able to find a herd in the meadows of Moraine Park. Depending on which entrance you choose. Moraine Park or Sheep Lakes would be the first spots to check than driving to other. Though Sheep Lakes has been a bust all year for me. Moraine Park has been very successful with having some kind of wildlife. The bull elk’s are bugling and if you listen closely after one lets one rip. You’ll be able to here another male answer. As the rest of the elk make their way down from the tundra for the winter. The meadows start to become crowded and males start to wrestle. All in all I’m happy for how my first trip turned out at RMNP

I was here with family and the park had very few visitors. But wow! Its impressive just what two weeks time can do. The amount of people here for the annual rut has boomed and crowds will grow till the middle of Oct. FYI for visitors legal viewing distance for elk is 75ft.