Day 2 (Sunday) lead me to Burns, Wyoming. This chase lead southeast at about 60 mph. Which in storm is really fast. Storm like this you don't have much time to setup and watch. You feel like you're running away than watching. As the storm kept moving across Colorado it was gaining strength and was producing, at time, softball size hail. The town of Brush, CO received a direct hit and was reporting up too wind gust of 180 mph. The follow day research said they received damage equal to an F2 tornado though no tornado captured, though reported. Storm moved on it became strong and eventually made its way to Interstate 70. Any on the road was at high risk of receiving major damages. At this point I called off my chase and worked my way back to Denver. Stopped in Limon to get a bit to eat which allowed the vehicles that took a direct hit to catch with me. I was starting to see cars with smashed windows and body damage as if somebody had taken their anger out on the car with a bat. For me it was a very good for chasing this late into the summer.