August is the time for the Bison rut. Just as Elk fight it out for a mate. So do these big boys. Their sheer size alone is a site to see but seeing these guys wrestle is something else. They will roll in the dirt, called wallowing, to spread their scent. Start screaming or bellowing. Then ultimately bash heads with the other males.

So I headed out to Rocky Mountain Arsenal in the AM to watch the Bison. To my timing, they were way too far away to get any kind of decent photographs or video. RMA is a hot spot for Mule Deer and White-tail Deer. So I moved on to see who is around to photograph. The young Fawns are still sporting their spots, which will go away come winter. As high noon came around the light was becoming to harsh. I ended my time here.

Came back late afternoon and headed back to see where the Bison were. As I arrived the deer's distracted me again. The fawns were very active and playful. By the time I got to the Bison the light got too dim to come away with anything.

Note, they were active and bellowing so the rut is on. I will be back